A fine example of notes

I know there is plans for upgrading the notetaking features for DT2. I just wanted to point out a great example of note-taking for PDF’s. It is the latest release of Sente, v.5. You can have as many notes as you want for a citation and its corresponding PDF.

A note has a title, the page number that it corresponds to, you can paste a quote from the PDF/book, and then write your note. It is very well implemented. I hope to see something like this in the next version of DT.

“is the latest release of Sent, v.5.”

Who makes it? what a dumb name for software. Google can’t find it.

That’s Sente 5. See http://www.thirdstreetsoftware.com/.

An academic citation manager. Does some things DT Pro doesn’t do, doesn’t do many things that DT Pro does.

Thanks, Bill

Another issue. I am still trying to resolve my PDf issue and changed the permissions for all my databases on the external RAID.

Changed from unknown/RW [myusername]/RW other/R
[myusername]/RW [admin]/RW other/R

Now I can’t mount any of them, because I get the dreaded ‘database already in use’.

What do I do?

Rebuild/repair etc is unavailable to me.

Boy oh boy, I haven’t used DTPO for three weeks because of computer failure and I forget everything I know about this program.

Send a message to Support with a description of your setup and what you have tried. We’ll try to get you up and running. May take a little back and forth to get there.

You are the best, Bill! I am actually going to go to bed early tonight after staying up to 5:30 this AM trying to search this forum. This is one revolution and a half.

Will write support manana after work.

Thank you. I dont know what DT would do without your steady support.

[P.S. This is just a pissy little comment but I dont mean it to be anything other than helpful. The Forum search has grown into a boondoggle. I enter an exact phrase and I get 66 pages to search through. The preference to give me 200 pages (hey-I’m psychic so I can divine the right answer) doesn’t work. I have to trudge through 66 screens of 10-20 entries. And I never find what I need even when I know I read the phrase to look for before searching.)

Bill, I’m not comparing Sente with DT, I know they are different programs. But you’re not even commenting on my point - Sente 5 does notes in a pretty ingenious way. That is the only feature of Sente 5 that I am talking about.