A folder for every tag! Help!

I seem to have got myself into a pickle with DT Pro Office…

I tried to copy all my tags from one database (call it DB1) to another (just to be able to keep the same classification scheme) and could not find a way to do this (Q1: Any ideas how to do this?).

Somehow, I have managed to create a folder for EVERY tag in DB1, with the tagged documents in the folders. It’s very confusing. (Q2: Any way to remove all these folders at once without removing all the documents inside them?)

Honestly, this is my first bad experience with DT and I’ve been using it for more than a year. Also, I’m really impressed with the OCR capability of DT Pro Office!

Any help on Q1 and Q2 would be greatly appreciated.


You could select all tags inside the “Tags” group and run the script posted in the thread viewtopic.php?f=20&t=12287

Finally, select the duplicated, empty tags and move them from the inbox of the current database to the “Tags” group of the destination database.

You could select the unnecessary groups, use Data > Ungroup and repeat this until all groups are gone.

Many thanks for the response, Christian! I’ll give that a try today.

Hmmmm… OK, I ‘ungrouped’, but now I have all these Replicants and none of them have any associated tags. Thanks for your suggestion, but I’m confused about the result - I suspect I’m not quite understanding tags/groups!

(By the way, if I restore from Time Machine, is it the .dtbase2 file that I should restore?)

Yes, you should restore this file.