A Guide/Suggestion/Solution to turn off DEVONthink 3 Pro's Hotkey/Shortcuts On MacOS

Problem description: If you have searched this kind of question. You must have experienced that when you use some macos or some others softwares’ hotkey, you’ll find Devonthink 3 have coveraged these hotkeys/shortcuts with no permit.
e.g. when you want to use command+/ in Jetbrain’s IDE to comment current code. You’ll find that Devonthink3 always jump out to annoy you.
Here the solution: System Preference-Keyboard-shortcuts-services, and then turn off the command+/

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Hope devonthink 3 pro would do much better
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What do you propose as the alternative? The potential for keyboard conflicts is going to occur with any app that has system-wide Services. Fortunately, as you mentioned, the macOS offers the ability to change shortcuts to avoid said conflicts, which is pretty basic stuff.


And for the less basic stuff, there is always Karabiner, Keyboard Maestro, Alfred and so on.