A keyboard shortcut for Capture Note?

At present, the only options seem to be contextual menu or the toolbar.

Oh, and tabbed browsing. But perhaps I’ve mentioned that before.

There are literally hundreds of commands in DT Pro.

The usual approaches to giving the user access to such commands, especially in an appropriate context, are:

  • menu selections
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • contextual menu options
  • popup or multiple choice buttons
  • single-function buttons

In fact, DT Pro employs all of those approaches for invoking one function or another, often with multiple options available to the user.

The problem with making keyboard shortcuts for everything that’s been suggested by users is two-fold:

  • practically, there’s a limit on available keyboard shortcuts
  • keyboard shortcuts are cryptic and often nonintuitive, requiring memorization

Personally, I’m one of those with a limited recall of keyboard shortcuts, so that any time potentially saved is lost because I would have to look them up very frequently. And of course because there is only a limited number of available 2- or 3-key shortcuts, many of them do different things in different contexts. Example: Apple uses Command-I in the Finder to open the Info panel of a selected file, but in text editing Apple uses that shortcut to italicize selected text. :slight_smile:

So for users who wish to assign currently unavailable keyboard shortcuts to certain actions that they perform frequently, an option would be to use a third-party utility that lets one assign shortcuts of one’s own creation.

MenuMaster by Unsanity is a great option to make your own keyboard shortcuts.

Yes, except there is no menu item for Capture Note, so MenuMaster cannot associate a keyboard shortcut with it.