A naming dialogue when creating new documents

Presently, every new document is named by the first words it contains. This is not very convenient. A naming dialogue appearing at the creation of every new document would be a much better option.

Timotheus, I have to disagree. I like the current behaviour VERY MUCH. It saves me that extra step of naming since in most cases I like having the title or first line of my doc being the name. And when I want to name it something else I then just go to the name field.

But, DT does not behave consistently throughout. You will find if you are in one of the split views, creating a new document sends the cursor to the name field for you to name it first. If you are in the column or list view then the new document is named automatically.

Frankly, I was about to come on the forum and suggest that the auto-naming feature be added to the split views too, as I really dislike always having to select a new name first in those views. So, clearly, different users have opposite working habits here. Perhaps this is another one for the Preferences, a checkbox: “Auto name all new documents based on first line.” This could then work on all views, depending on the user’s preference.

I also love auto naming. Of course there are some times I go and name it myself but I can not think of a better way. Though having options is always nice.

Thanks for your reactions! I understand that on this topic too we all have different habits and preferences. Personally, I NEVER use the first line of a text as its name. I don’t even see how I could, because in the overwhelming majority of cases the first line doesn’t say anything about the subject. One casual example: an article about DT which begins with the words “This week’s edition of the Times Book Review …”. Why on earth would I call this article on DT like this? What do these words tell me about its content? Nothing at all! So why should I use them as a name?

But yes, perhaps an option under “Preferences” could make us all happy.

P.S. I have added a poll, just to see how the DT community thinks about this.

As I and others have requested before, I’d also like to have a naming (and saving to specified folder) dialogue for docs created via the Services menu.

I have to say, I also favor the present auto naming. It works just fine for me. I frequently have to rename documents, and in many cases do that by selecting the text I want within the document and using the contextual menu to “Set Title As…” This works very well for me.


I’d like to have items created from the “Make Rich Text Note” services menu command use the web page title as the title of the note (when capturing text from a browser or RSS reader). Other than that, it’s pretty good.

Also, when a note is created from a webpage, it would be nice if the source URL was always collected.

I also love the present auto naming feature. I can collect and name documents in a single click. (’:D’) Don’t see another journal or notepad which does that. A option under “preferences” might be the solution.

I like the feature because I often change the title based on the document’s contents. I use the Contextual Menu to change the name of the file…makes finding things just that much easier.


I ALWAYS make sure the first line of a document is the same as the title; that way whenever I merge, drag or copy a document into another the first line of the resulting section links back to the original.