A new feature for indexing documents

Hello all,

first let me say a big THANKS for DevonThink, I was looking for quite some time for a tool like this!! :slight_smile:

Now I have a suggestion for a new feature. I read quite a lot about the advantages and disadvantages for indexing or importing documents. Indexing seems superior, especially when handling .DOC files. On the other side when indexing you still have all your document files cluttered on your desktop or different folders all around your computer (at least if your are messy like me :slight_smile: ).

What about a feature that when DevonThink is indexing files, it will copy (or move) those files to a special ‘master-folder’ (which you have to set in the preferences) and then index them? This way you can maintain the original files, but they are properly sorted in a special folder (DevonTHink could maintain its own folder hierarchy under the main-folder, like iTunes for example does).

Apple had exactly the same problem with Aperture. Since version 1.5 Apple then offered not only to maintain pictures in its database, but also to copy files to a special location and index them there (or index them from the original location right away, like DevonTHink does right now).

What do you think about this?

Thanks for listening, greetings from Germany,


I like this idea very much, too!