a new twist on the unreadable PDF problem.

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I now have a case of a PDF which has the following symptoms:

  • preview is blurry, can’t resize or zoom in to read the text
  • doing a concordance on the PDF is still possible however
  • the Path attribute is still in place, and points to a file in the folder /Files/ within my database.
  • Doing a “show package contents” and trying to locate this file, however, turns up nothing. It’s not there.

:cry: [/url]

Do you often copy the databases from one computer to another? Or does the filename of the database package contain any special characters?

Yes, I move my database from office to home and back several nights a week, via iPod.

There were no non-alpha characters in the file name other than a dash.

Thanks for looking into this.

This could be an issue related to resolving aliases (as they can break on different machines/volumes). Therefore the next release won’t use aliases anymore for files inside the database package.

Any chance your DT database was open on the “target” machine when you copied the file? The Finder may not complain about this, but it will corrupt the DT database folder on the target.

What you had is the result of a bad copy – nothing more. The PDF in question did not properly copy over. I’d recommend you just quick DT Pro on the “target” machine and re-do the copy when DT is not running on the “source machine.” No bug here, this is normal if you’re a bit sloppy on the copy.

There’s a high probability that you’re right, CatOne. Thanks! I always get fooled and put away the last window in DT and think that means the DB is closed…