A potential bug in search field for complex criteria

It seems that the search field does not translate complex search criteria correctly.

The conversion is (A and B) instead of (A or B)

If I enter this into search field

The search criteria that comes out is not correct

Thanks for the help.

Thank you for the bug report, we’ll check this.

As noted in the Help > Documentation > Appendix > Search Prefixes, the proper convention for sub-criteria is…

name:test OR imprint {any: tags:blue; red}

However, when specifying the search in the Advanced section, this form isn’t being generated in the search field, @cgrunenberg

Manually entered in search field…

Specified in Advanced criteria…

And note there’s no difference in the search field when using Any versus All in the sub-criteria…

PS: IMHO, the form specified in the documentation makes a lot of sense. :slight_smile:

The next release will fix this.