A potential user with usage scenarios

I have been intrigued by DevonThink for a long time and just downloaded the beta of 2.0 Pro. I know exactly what I want to accomplish and currently use 3 programs to do so, some of which have issues. I am looking for a program that

can be accessed in 3 places: my Mac, the web, and my iPhone
can store three 3 types of things

  1. Document Management. I want some repository of all my word docs, excel spreadsheets, pdfs, etc. Taggable and sortable etc. Looks good here.

  2. Unstructured, searchable data in multiple formats. Just notes and lists and some urls and web clippings, etc. Looks good here.

  3. Structured data. Not sheets, not something I import and export. I want to set up my own record format with fields I define. Basically, I want Bento. Not Filemaker, which is overkill, but Bento.

Not looking good here.

I have scanned the forums here for Bento and structured data. Created some sheets. I think the way the term database is used in the DTP context is far different from what I and some others have in mind.

For a bit more explanation, may I list the programs I currently use:

Evernote for unstructured data:

Pros: Can keep all kinds of unstructured data on my Mac, the web and iPhone, which are the three platforms I use.

Cons: Text editor flat doesn’t work. (See this thread forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtop … 999#p35999). Does some nice advanced things but can’t take simple notes.


Pros: Easy way to set up simple databases. I use it to keep a list of my medications, workout schedule, Frequent Flyer accounts, magazine subscriptions, etc.

Cons: No web, no iPhone, doesn’t really do notes


Pros: Should be purchased by Apple and called iDocuments or something like that. Looks and works much like an iLife app. I took all my word docs, PDFs, things I needed to scan, images, etc. and through them in Together. Together keeps everything in a normal finder file structure in one top level folder, but the program allows you to tag items, to make the equivalent of folders and smart folders, etc. Great program, I love it.

Cons: No web access, no iPhone.

Any advice on the three places I want to surface my data and the three types of data I want to capture? Can this be done in DTP?



If these are the only things you use Bento for then it looks like you really don’t want to part with Bento and are looking for reasons to use it. I don’t mean that in a bad way as I know exactly the feeling - I love a lot of things about Bento but the things that I’ve used it for and those you mention above can easily be done in a spreadsheet (or in DTPO if you want to limit the number of apps you use).

As for accessing DTPO over the web or via iPhone, I can’t address those points as I don’t “surface” my data in those ways.


No, I DO want to give up Bento, as I want to get to one app. But, spreadsheets are not databases. There are things that Bento can do that spreadsheets can’t, although the examples I gave did not illustrate them. If I can get DTP or some other app that can surface data on the web and on the iPhone to do this, I will use it.

But I can’t figure out how to do so with DTP. Sure it can do it, but haven’t figured it out yet. But it’s only been 24 hours.