A question about scanners

I’m considering purchase of a scanner and digitizing my remaining paper files, specifically the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500. I have a question about it. Owners of other Fujitsu scanners may be able to answer:

I understand this scanner detects dual-sided documents. Many of my documents are one-sided but have print on the other side, i.e., printed on paper printed on peviously.

So, its it possible to force this scanner to ignore double-sided documents?


Yes, you can switch to Simplex (single-side) scanning in ScanSnap Manager Settings > Scanning - Scanning side.

I’ve got a ScanSnap iX500, replacing my 6 year old ScanSnap. The sheet feeder in the iX500 handles multipage paper copy very well (including copy that had been folded for mailing), and I’m delighted with it.

Thanks, Bill.

I have a huge five-drawer lateral file that was crammed full. I’ve pretty much culled it down to keepers and want to digitize the rest so I can get rid of the file cabinet. I need new carpeting and even half-full it weighs a ton. Moving it would not be easy if it is passible at all.


I got this scanner just a while back and love it. Its the best scanner I’ve had. Its so fast its incredible and so easy to use. I scan every to DEVONthink Pro Office and have achieved my paperless office goals. That is, I still have file folders from days gone by that I’m not going to scan in but everything that comes in now is scanned then tossed. My desk has never been so clean. And its much easier find stuff.

You’ll love this scanner.

Thanks, Kerry.

I am in the market for a scanner to replace my Kodak 2170 all-in-one which works OK with DTpro but is very slow, too slow.

So speed is high on my list of priorities, and I have shortlisted the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500, Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 and the Canon ImageFormula P-215.

The S1300 and P-215 seem to be head to head products, and one review says the Canon is faster, but that might be a comment about the Canon software.

Between the iX500 and the S1300, I am more drawn to the S1300 due price and size, but would be interested to hear if the iX500 has any advantage in speed/ease of use.

Thanks for any comment.