A question about the classify in smart rules


first, i like DT3 a lot! It fit’s perfect into my daily routines and it made them much much easier. But, i’ve a question about ‘Classify’ in a smart rule.

First i created a simple smart rule that watches the Global Inbox and tags an imported document as NEW. The trigger for the rule is IMPORT.

Then I use ExcactScan to scan and OCR my documents with a Scansnap 1300, which by the way now works like charm, so thanx to René Rebe from ExcatCode and his worldclass support to make this possible.

After the document was scanned Hazel renames it and imports it into the DT3 global Inbox by moving it into the DT3 Finder Inbox.

Next the smart rule is triggerd because the import was detected - this alone works perfect! But - if i add the Classify rule anywhere to the Tag only rule following happens…

The Document gets tagged, but it’s still in the Global Inbox… =(

If i classify the document in the inbox manually, it’s instantly moved to the right location.

I’ve tried this a lot of hours in different variations, but the result is still the same. Classify will not work and it makes no differes if it’s the only rule in a smart rule. Can anyone please give me an advice, maybe i do something wrong!?

Thanx in advance!

Kind regards.

Could you please post a screenshot of the smart rule? Maybe it’s an issue of the order of actions. Thank you!

Hi Christian,

here is a screenshot of one of my simple test rules which will not classify.

… SORRY! As a new user I can only add one image…!?

And this is one of my productive rule which I still use but without classify. In the end, this rule should be extended to classify. But it doesn’t, so I created the above simple test which even fails.

BTW - Thanx for the quick response!


Note a document must be classifiable in order for the Classify action to work on it.
If an item can’t be classifed, it will be listed in Window > Log.

Here is an example…

The first is easily classified since it is a PDF with a text layer and matches many files in particular databases (though this is not where I would have filed it - something to think about when using an unattended process).

The second isn’t classified. In this case it’s due to their being no text layer. But it could also fail if the AI doesn’t have enough existing data to file it away. So in this case, the second file just sits where it dropped it.

Does Data > Classify (Daten > Einordnen) work in case of the same documents?

That’s exact the Point! Yes it does, flawlessly!

And no errors are logged to Windows > Log?

As far as i know - no errors! I will check it later this day with a new test…

Sorry for my late response! I tried it over and over again with different rules and different PDFs, but in every case the Activity Log is empty and the PDF was not auto classified. Manually - classify works like charm.

But sorry, no Activity message at all!

I’ve spent enough time in this so in the future I will move my PDF to the right location via a manual classification.