A question about the filter criteria of smart folders

Is it currently impossible for DT to set the Tag of Group Tag of a file as the filter criteria for smart folders?

As shown in the figure, if I do not turn on this option


is it impossible to filter out Test by Tag?

A screenshot of your smart group and of File > Database Properties would be useful.

Sorry i don’t know if i understand what you mean. Because I wanted to use the Tag of the parent Group(group tag) of the file as a filter condition, but I didn’t find the relevant settings, so I came up with this question. As a result, I have not successfully created a smart group now. This is the screenshot of my Database Properties. Thanks~

Creating a new smart group (see contextual menu) and adding the condition Tag is group tag (assuming that this is the real name) should be sufficient.

Sorry I didn’t find the contextual menu you mentioned… :scream:Is it here?

In addition, I mean, I want to filter files by the group tag’s tag of the file, such as A file, its group tag is “Harry Potter”, the tag of “Harry Potter” is “movie”, I want to filter out A by setting the condition of Tag is Harry Potter, how should I set it? (My current method is to set “movie” as the prefix of “Harry Potter”

Obviously you created already a new smart group, therefore you don’t need this step anymore. Anyway, it doesn’t matter whether a tag is a group tag or not, just add the desired tags to the Tag is condition.

I think you may not understand what I mean, it must be because my English is too bad :sob:, let me give you an example:
Suppose, I have a PDF file of a book(1) and some notes about this book(2),
I put these two files into the a group(3), and then tag the group “Book”(4).
I also have three notes(5) on different topics and created a group(6) for each of them.
I replicate file XXX Note to these three topics.

If I want to search for reading notes related to topic A, there should be two filter criteria for the smart folder:
First, Group tag is AAA —— This is easy to implement
Second, it should come from the group with tag “Book” —— This seems impossible

As you can see, this setting is unable to filter out the expected results. Actually I can understand the reason, because “book” is not the Tag of the file XXX Note, but the Tag of the group XXX of the file XXX Note.

So I set up some smart rules. Let the group get a prefix with the same name as the tag, like this:

But a new problem that I didn’t think about appears:

There is only the option of is / is not, no option of begins with / contain. As a result, I can only filter out files in a specific group(1) with the “Book” tag(prefix), not files in all group with the “Book” tag(prefix).I can also understand the reason, because now, for file XXX Note, “Book” is the prefix of the filename of its group tag.

Since my previous note-taking system was designed like this (in notion app), I tried to build a similar file system in DT. I don’t know if I made it clear, thank you for your patient answer.

Enable File > Database Properties > Inherit Groups of Tags. The Book tag should then appear on the children of a group with the tag applied.