A question on "get custom meta data"

My understanding of custom meta data property in DT is that it’s an unordered list with none to many named variables (the mdxxxx fields).
Therefore, the “b” obtained by the code below will only return a list containing only the variables that are filled with info.

tell application id "DNtp"
	set {a} to item 1 of {selection}
	set b to custom meta data of a
end tell

Is there a function/script to get a list with the name of all md fields defined by user?

Thank you very much in advance

The returned value is an AppleScript record containing key-value-pairs.

There’s no such command yet.

Thanks for the instantaneous response and thanks for letting me know that “an AppleScript record containing key-value-pairs” as the accurate term.

I will just fill up all cmd fields of a dummy item to get the list in the script to get around with the case.

Actually I’m not sure what’s the official term, that was just my description of the result :slight_smile:


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