a Quicksilver module

I know DT said they are not planning Quicksilver integration, but I was wondering, in view of Quicksilver’s wild popularity, if this has been rethought.

A few things, off the top of my head, that Quicksilver can do to assist DT users:

  • not every program (like Firefox) supports the Services menu to lookup or take notes for DT. Quicksilver can do this.
  • A Quicksilver note sent to DT can specify a title for a text note. The Services menu notes put all the typed info as the title. A Quicksilver module could use a character like > to signal a Title from the content.
  • Quicksilver would be an ultra-quick way to launch a search
  • If DT 2.0 is an open folders structure like has been suggested, then Quicksilver is second to none in being able to move items around the hard drive. It would provide a great way to get files into DT outside of the program.

In addition, if v.2 will support multiple databases open, then Quicksilver can provide a great way of specifying which database is to be made use of. So If I were to launch a DT search in Quicksilver, I could type my search words, tab down in QS and choose DT search, and then tab again to choose which open (or closed?) database I want to search. The same could hold true for which database to send a note to.

I am sure there are other potential uses of Quicksilver that other DT users can suggest.

Wild popularity? I see many downloads at VersionTracker, but also complaints about stability and lack of user-friendliness.

I am leery of system hacks because they don’t keep pace with Apple upgrades of the OS, and there have been many with Tiger.

My Services menu supports note-taking in DA, Safari, and Camino. Maybe you could just use another browser now and then?

Versiontracker comments aren’t necessarily the best source of information. Try other sources like 43Folders, Lifehacker or the well-supported forums available at the Quicksilver home page.

Yes, there is a steep learning curve and some people just don’t “get it” at first. That reminds me of another application we’ve all grown to know and love that’s gotten some bad reviews. For example, enjoy this recent nugget from Versiontracker…

But, there are a lot of downloads for that software too :slight_smile:

I’d also be very interested in Quicksilver integration. I didn’t think much of Quicksilver until I started using it. That app is definitely cool.

It turns out you can run many of the Applescripts installed with DTP from Quicksilver. I just found this screencast at The Apple Blog.