A real alternative to Dropbox

Looking at Sync’s General Limits (https://www.sync.com/help/general-limits-when-using-sync/#gnas), do I assume correctly that synching DT and DTTG wouldn’t work with this service due to no WebDAV support?

Oops, sorry about the bad link! Here it is: The best cloud storage services for Apple users | Macworld

Noting this, correct it wouldn’t be compatible:

Koofr supports webdav. I use it exclusively with Devonthink databases.

Has the experience been reliable for you?

I switched from Dropbox to iCloud a year ago as Dropbox sync issues when close to capacity, iCloud is working a treat

Syncing works flawlessly and speed is pretty good.

Thanks for the info about your experience :slight_smile:

I “dropped Dropbox” a few months ago due to terrible CPU usage as others have said. Went back to iCloud after having previous sync issues which they seem to have ironed out, it is now working perfectly.

I keep a Dropbox free account for clients to use but only connect to it via FTP using Transmit. This seems to work for the few times I now need it.

Welcome @The_Old_Designer

I’m not sure if you’re referring to CPU usage with the Dropbox application on a Mac, but if so, our sync engine doesn’t use the Dropbox application at all. In fact, you don’t need to have ever installed the Dropbox application on the Mac in order to sync DEVONthink to Dropbox’s servers. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the welcome, yes I did know you can access Dropbox directly without the app, however given recent issues with dropbox and it’s new “workspace” focussed push I have dropped it as a sync alternative entirely.

The post was really just to give a +1 to iCloud which is has improved a lot in the last year.

Understood. Cheers!

Could @BLUEFROG or @cgrunenberg kindly tell us which professional Webdav Service Devontechnologies suggest to get us all eventually out of the loop of not knowing and thus only guessing which way to go in order to get reliable and GDPR compliant syncing between all Devonthink-Devices.

Thank you

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