A "replicate to" button in drawer

Like i said in subj, i would like to have also a “replicate to” instead of a lonely “move to” button on a classify drawer.


amen. And with it, I want the ability to replicate to multiple places at once. Just like duplicate, only with replicate.

If you select more than one of the suggested groups and click the Move button, the document is replicated.

Bill, if I could come up with a better word to describe your work here than “amazing” I’d use it. Thanks.

Me too :smiley:

As I wrote earlier today:

… before seeing this thread. :slight_smile:

Because replicating to multiple folders nevertheless destroys the copy in the original location. I have an extensive existing hierarchy for my materials, that I am attempted to import non-destructively, which appears to be impossible.

Ah. You want to override DT Pro’s suggestion about moving an item from its current location, but would like to replicate the item to one or more of the locations suggested by DT Pro’s Classify list.

Sure you can do that.

Suppose you are using the Three Panes view. You’ve selected in the top pane the document you are looking at. Then you pressed the Classify button, and the drawer slides out with a list of suggested locations.

You would like to replicate the document to one of those locations, but not move it from its current position.

Just Command-click again in the top pane on the document name. The drawer list remains visible. From the list of contextual options choose ‘Replicate To’ and navigate to the second location into which you wish to replicate that document. (Note that under the Group name in the drawer is a hint of its location.)

Done. You still have the document in your original location, and also in another group recommended by DT Pro.