A request from for mercy from MacWorld

Hi All;

I just got this in response to my email suggesting that DT be nominated for the MacWorld prize thing.
Apparently we have definitely succeeded. I suggest that maybe we need to show some mercy to the MacWorld gang.


On Oct 13, 2005, at 3:13 PM, Dan Miller wrote:

OK, OK, I get the idea: I’ve been inundated with nominations for Devonthink
today, which indicates to me that someone inside or outside the company,
posted a request somewhere that its users nominate it. I’m more than happy
to include it in our online poll, but I don’t need to get more nominations
for it. Any idea who I could ask to put out the word to its fans?


I love this. But No one from DEVONtechnologies has posted anything on the forum requesting the nomination.

Hey, do we really have fans? Is that better than just having users? :smiley:

Actually, Bill, there was a mention of it in an email sent to users about the Pro update and more. I know I was one of those who helped ‘inundate’ MacWorld as a result. Maybe another email might do the trick, asking users to not send any more nominations to MacWorld, though I suspect that most of us responded as soon as we got the email and now the flood may have passed!


Hi, Alexandria:

You are right. I’m still getting those notices to my old well-spammed email address (about 100 spams to each real message). Sure enough, there was Eric’s notice of the Macworld prize nomination.

Hmm. You guys really do read those notices from DEVONtechnologies. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the nominations.

But I agree that the flood has probably passed.

Hi Bill,

I know I do. I always want to see what goodies the next round of updates have in store for us. :slight_smile:


PS I’m working hard on that dissertation. 176 pages and counting!


I need a dissertation topic by this summer. Can you provide any hints or discuss the process you used to narrow your subject area.

I have many broad interests unfortunately.

Congrats and good luck with it.


I’ve supervised 100 dissertations, so I may be able to offer advice. But let’s take that conversation to another venue. Send a private message to my box here, and we’ll be in touch.