A rose by any other name...

DEVONtechnoloiges. The technology part I get. But where does the Devon part come from? How did the company get its name? There’s a Devon county in Britain; there’s a Devon sausage in Austria. While I’m not losing sleep over this, I am curious.

Robert, Jacksonville, Florida

The Devonian period, a period marking significant change.

Oh drats, I actually thought it was Devon in the UK. My favourite part of the UK, I would add. Absolutely brilliant landscapes :slight_smile:

Well, you weren’t too far off. The Devonian period got its name because strata and fossils associated with it were found in that part of the UK. :slight_smile:

Now that’s something I didn’t know :slight_smile: Sensational!

Wikipedia tells me that during the Devonian period the first sea creatures evolved into the first land creatures, forests were formed, inspects and spiders started nesting, and the land generally blossomed. I have to admire a technology company which takes its name from a time like that.

Thanks for the information.