A script to automate reminders

I want to start using daylite. And I also want to start using dt3 and dittg again. But I need to get my tasks in ddtg and dt3 to daylite since daylite has the more total encompassing display for todo, calendar, notes etc. (not the best notes really but dt3 will take care of that.)

So in dt3 while I can 1) make a note 2) use the built in script to send it to reminders,
I may forget and all is gone or lost.

So it would be convenient if I could create a note in dt3 and save it in my TASKS group and have that note automagically become a reminder in apple reminders.

The iPhone is different. On the iPhone and iPad I have to create tasks and todos directly in apple then review them and continue the work with saving letters and pdfs and things in DT3

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“My” script in this response will do exactly that for you if you set up an appropriate smart rule :relieved: you could even set it up to run e.g. hourly so long as you use the rule format I suggested (setting a custom metadata “bit”) in the same response. Let us know whether it works for you :slight_smile:

working on it now. Have run it and the 32 tasks in the inbox have moved to the smart rule’s folder.


trying now to modify the app for my tasks and quotes group is where it will look.

oh now I get it. The smart rule needs to be modified to change the group. cool.

So as I see it, when I add a note into my defined group that note is sent to this group as defined by the smart rule.


how long do they remain in that folder? Are they supposed to become tasks in the Reminders app?


I don’t have a preferences/data section?

I’ve just looked, custom metadata is only available in the Pro and Server versions. We can work without.

I’m not sure what you’re doing with your smart rule though - please post a screenshot of it

@Blanc… Thank you and others who worked on the Auto-Add as Reminder script.

It works as advertised for me with one issue: The year of the Due Date defaults to 00. I’m sure there is a minor update that will fix this, but I’m having no success in finding it. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated…thanks.

Hi :slight_smile: there are a couple of scripts in this rather long thread – could you please link to the specific script you are using or feel free to simply re-post the script itself here. I will then happily take another look at it, although I will not be able to give you a helpful response before tomorrow evening.

Thank you for your reply…

I download and installed the file Auto-Add as Reminder.zip you provided in post number 11.

I’ll check that asap; I’m away from my Mac, but will do my best to look into it tomorrow evening

No rush at all…

Are you running the script from a smart rule, and if so, is it embedded in the smart rule? The last code block in the script is known not to work when embedded, so the script needs to be run externally (so first save the script to ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.devon-technologies.think3/Smart Rules, the set the smart rule to run that external script). Try that, please - if you are still not successful, I’ll delve more deeply.

Actually, I think the code is probably pretty crappy; you could replace

set theNewDate to (date string of (current date))
set theDueDate to my convertDate(theNewDate)
set theDueDate to theDueDate + theDelayValue


set theDueDate to (current date) + theDelayValue

and remove the last code block (the one beginning onConvertDate(theNewDate)). The script should run embedded then.

Edit of the edit…: ah, no, I did it that roundabout way so that you could determine the reminder time in addition to the date. So disregard the edit (which I will leave, so I can remember next time…) and just follow the first piece of advice in the post.

I am, in fact, running the script externally from a smart rule and the script, Auto-Add as Reminder, is located in the folder, ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.devon-technologies.think3/Smart Rules.

The Smart Rule…

Here’s what a Reminder just created looks like…


It works here; I’m using a different regional setting however.

Please could you post the result of this script (run from script editor):

set theDelayValue to (1 * weeks) + 28800
set theNewDate to (date string of (current date))
set theDueDate to my convertDate(theNewDate)
set theDueDate to theDueDate + theDelayValue
return theDueDate

on convertDate(theNewDate)
	return date theNewDate
end convertDate


and return (current date)?

And pls could you post a screenshot of your Language & Region settings in system preferences?

You have customised your regional settings to not include the year in the full date (in the window you posted see Advanced > Dates > Full); as such, current date does not return a year, which is why no year is included in the due date, which then defaults to 00.

You’re quite correct of course. I thought I had satisfied the year requirement because the two digit form of the year is showing here…


Further checking of the full date format shows no year as you suspected. I have added the year and all is well.

Thank you so much for the help you provided…with this script and untold other scripts you have made available to the community.

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You’re most welcome :slight_smile: