A script to put a Camino page into DT (PE)

A few (?) years back, before DT Pro appeared, I bought a DT+DevonAgent package. I never found a reason to up-grade to DT Pro although I’m sort of annoyed by the (marketing) decision to differentiate the product by leaving the scripting environment out of DT PE.

I’ve recently switched to the new Camino (1.5) which is faster and in most ways sleeker than Safari. But it can’t offer the rich text service to save to DT. My solution is to save web pages etc through DevonAgent which IS scriptable (What!? No ‘DA Pro’?) which can save in all the required formats and even save to a designated folder.

I’ve created an applescript to do this: “Cam2DT”. It grabs the URL of the front Camino tab and loads it into DA (waiting until DA has finished loading the page) then squirts it in a (selectable) format into the ‘main’ database. I haven’t tried to implement a means of selecting a folder… I’ll leave that amusement to others.

Grab the script at petergallagher.com.au/index. … nk-script/.


The moderators have MOVED my post to this forum. I put it in ‘Tips and Tricks’, not in the ‘Scripting’ forum, because I’m NOT scripting DT (PE) — which is not scriptable. That’s really the POINT of this bizarre work-around.

Obviously, they don’t get it. Why am I not surprised?

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