A script to set sub-group icons to match parent group?


Before I pile in over my head again, has anyone produced a script to do this?

I have lots of folders with similar names - in some views, I can’t even tell which parent group I’m in - sometimes it might be notes, sometimes a project, other times lists of tasks. For a number of extra-DEVONthink reasons, I’m partly stuck with this arrangement.

What would make life more obvious would be if new sub-groups in some of these groups would inherit the parent group icon, on creation.

Would it be possible to have a script on the topmost group, and when it noticed a sub-group being created, to mirror the parentmost icon into itself as the group icon, without having to manually replicate this script on the folder hierarchy?

Eg - say there is a tree like this:

- Projects ① 
+- Project 1 ② 

When creating a folder under Project 1 ②, it would inherit the icon of ①, using a script set only on ①’s group?

- Projects ① 
+- Project 2 ② 
 +- Actions ③ 
 +- Pending ③ 

… so new folders at ③ (created by an external script) would inherit the icon set at ① ?

Surely someone has had this same thought?

Thanks for any suggestions!

  • Dave

I not only had the thought, I wrote a script to do it. It’s likely on a drive I don’t have access to right now though.