A simple feature request: automatic DOI metadata fetching


I use DT to archive a lot of different documents, but a lot a them happen to be academic papers. I think it would be really helpful if DT could automatically rename those pdf files according to their Digital Object Identifier (DOI) metadata attributes, like Papers does (and even a simple software like Highlights does it too). It would save me a lot of time and spare me this sometimes repetitive task (and the data would be more accurate!).

Also I really appreciate the fact of having an actual “inbox” folder in the finder where DT import automatically all documents that it contains. But I find it not really practical that those documents are imported to the main inbox in DT and not directly into a specific database inbox (more manipulations!). Wouldn’t it be possible to have an option to choose in which database those files are going? Or maybe to have different finder folders for each database? (I understand the actual behavior might make sense for people using multiple/many databases, but it really doesn’t for me who have only one main database)

Thank you,

Re destination of new captures: See Preferences > Import - Destination - Select group option. This should do what you want.

Hello Bill
thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I just tried and this doesn’t work for the files that are copied into the “inbox” folder of the finder. It only applies to the files that are dragged to the DT dock icon.

Yes, of course. The Destination option suggested above allows direct capture from the Finder or the Web to any desired group in any open database.

To move selected item(s) from the Global Inbox to a desired group in an open database, here are two methods:

  1. Display the floating Groups & Tags panel (Tools > Show Groups & Tags – there’s a keyboard shortcut). Then drag the selected item(s) to the desired group.

  2. Control-click on the selected item(s), then choose Move To the desired location in an open database.