A single resource for syncing would be really helpful

So I have been digging around trying to find syncing assistance. Is there a single resource that answers most questions for syncing DTPO? Or even just a list of commercial sites–other than Dropbox–that one can use? Apparently Box used to provide it up until a few days ago, but now not. We moved off of Dropbox due to cost and insufficient security but I am not sure what cloud services might be good alternatives.

So far my experience demonstrates that WebDav capability is apparently not an easy thing to find with a simple Google search. We have been using Sync, but I guess that doesnt use WebDav.

The only commercial services we specifically support now are Dropbox, iCloud, and CloudMe. Beyond that we only support WebDAV-enabled sites. There is no specific support for any sites like Sync.com.

Thank you. Are you aware of any resource that list “Webdav enabled” sites? That seems to be a well guarded secret online, a place where there are very few secrets at all.

The closest I could quickly find is: free-online-backup-services … es/webdav/ but (1) it’s clearly not up to date (Box), and (2) we can’t vouch for whether any of these would work with DEVONthink’s Sync.

You may want to read this: blog.devontechnologies.com/2018 … with-sync/ , though again, we don’t specifically support this service either.

Thanks Jim.

No problem!