A smart group of referenced files

Hi all…

I am hoping I can have a smart group consisting of referenced files, ie files which exist outside the DT database.

I have a DTPO database for every project, and I also have a Text Docs folder in my main Documents folder. Each file in there has a three letter acronym in it’s title correlating to the project it belongs to.

I’d love to set up a smart folder in the DTPO database which lists files with the right acronym in their title inside my main Documents folder.

Is that possible in DTPO?

I would think so.

If you wish to create a smart group that lists your Indexed files in each database, you could use Data > New > Smart group to create a new smart group in each database. Then Control-click (right click) on the new smart group to edit it.

All of the following are true
Instance is Indexed

Now when you open that smart group it will list all the indexed items in the database.

If you want to expand that approach to creation of a smart group that contains Indexed documents that contain a certain acronym in the Name, go to the full Search window.

Do a Name search for XXX (assuming that the acronym is ‘XXX’). Then click on the Advanced button and use the above criteria, to limit the search results to Indexed items. (I don’t know where you place the acronym in the Name. You might play with the Wildcard symbol placements, depending.

If you wish to filter out groups from the search results, set the criteria in the Advanced button:
All of the following are true
Kind is any document
All of the following are true
Instance is Indexed

Perform the search. Assuming you’ve got the expected results list, turn this into a smart group by clicking on the ‘+’ button to the right of the query field, and name the new smart group.