A suggestion for file naming

Here is a suggestion for helping users rename files. I recently got started on DT and noticed that file (re)naming takes quite a bit of my time but I am not ready to let go of file names altogether. So…

Take an example. My visa bills are in a single group, say “VisaBills” and the files are all named “VisaBill 2012-11-24.pdf” (example date). Now since the AI (sorting hat) makes quite accurate suggestions for moving these files from the inbox to the correct group (“VisaBills”) it seems it could also :

  • scan the VisaBills group and notice my naming habits
  • scan the file and find the correct date (maybe harder)
  • suggest and perform a name change

Now, wouldn’t that be humongously helpful :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestion! “Smart Rules” (kind of smart groups plus actions, see for example the rules of Apple Mail) are already planned for upcoming releases.