A thing of beauty

I thought to enclose this screen shot of a search that culminated in a “See Also & Classify” that literally brought years of research together in a spray of new ideas. Thank you, guys. DTP 2.0 is brilliant.

I should add, this database was split off from a larger database I had assembled; I was able to accomplish this “narrowing” and “focusing” because 2.0 allowed me to have multiple databases running at the same time. Wow.

Hi, Ishear. For all the other things DT Pro Office does for me, nothing endears it to me like See Also. When I’m working on a project and looking for ideas, or hit a writer’s block, See Also will usually come up with suggestions that lead to a promising idea.

See Also may not seem very useful in a small, starting-out database. But in my main database that contains tens of thousands of references and notes related to a central interest, it becomes the best research assistant I’ve ever had. A tip of the hat to Christian and Eric!

Washington streetcars? I’d like to know how that one fits in. Enjoyed your blogs.

Have to agree with Bill on that. I am a recent user of DT Pro; but I latched on to it because I have a massive document legal application.

As I was importing and organizing the thousands of existing docs, my appreciation for See Also received an accelerated exposure starting from ‘so what?’ to ishear’s ‘wow’ in a matter of days…

I suspect that people who build more complex databases over time may have dismissed this ‘feature’ of DT. I would encourage users to continually revisit this capability and would encourage DT developers to keep it prominently marketed.

From a user of large cross-correlated information:
‘keep up the good work on this front guys’ -
(or brilliant as my UK friends would say)


Love how “search” breaks out terms into different colors after locating documents.

Jeff, just curious but do you mean how the Score grid in the See Also & Classify pane turns green for the higher value hits?

I was thinking of the actual hits that appear in the search document. Each search term appears in a different hue. Maybe it’s been that way forever, but this was the first time I noticed it.

Either I’m getting smarter or DTP 2.0 is awesome, and I know I’m not getting smarter.