A trip down memory lane

A trip down memory lane…

I was just updating my address in my online DevonThink account. Helpfully, it shows your license information for everything you’ve purchased and when. I was reminded (and shown) that I’ve been a user since version 1.0. In fact, it was DT 1.0 that convinced me to move from Windows (back) to the Mac environment back in late 2006. I read about the software and decided to pick up a black Macbook (remember those?). Indeed, I still have hundreds and hundreds of items in a few databases that I can trace back to that time.

The DT forums back then were, as they are now, a never-ending source of excellent information and insights. Some may remember Bill (may he rest in peace) being hugely active as he helped many of us figure out how best to use DT. As well, I’m fairly certain I remember @korm and of course @Bluefrog from those days as well.

Anyway, here’s to fond memories and another 16 years.


Thanks for sharing these memories :slight_smile:

DEVONthink Personal 1.0 was actually released at the end of April 2002, meaning that it will be 20 years old very soon. :champagne:

Of course a lot of things changed in the meantime, today’s app is way more powerful and useful than the initial version. This wouldn’t have been possible without the suggestions, feedback and support by you, our users, something that we really appreciate.

Looking forward to the next 20 years!


My 20th anniversary is coming up soon!


Using DevonThink since 2003…

Congratulations, and some memories go to Bill de Ville,



congratulations for the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the DevonThink Dynasty !