A way to append selected text AND URL of where it came from?

I have found the script that allows me to append selected text to the active RTF document in DT.
I wanted to know if any one knows of a script that does this AND carries a reference to the source of that appended text? For instance, often I go through lots of web pages doing research. I take clips of various text from those pages and put them all into one RTF file. I have to take an additional step of copying and pasting the URL also. I am trying to find out if there is an existing way to automate that?

Failing that, perhaps someone knowledgeable on such things would be kind enough to point me in the right direction to add this to the existing append script? (I realise that might be asking a lot… I am have little idea of what’s involved to make these scripts).

With much thanks…

The fastest way to do this, IMO, is to use nvALT (donationware) and clip from Safari. (This won’t work correctly with Chrome, I believe.) nvALT has a clipping service available from the Services submenu in Safari’s application menu, and in the contextual menu. Text is clipped along with the URL for that page in the browser. If you configure nvALT to keep individual rich text files, then merely index the folder where nvALT keeps its notes and your clippings will be available there.

Wow. :slight_smile:
Thank you Korm. My initial look at nvALT is very promising. It looks like an excellent and handy tool…
I am downing and trying out as soon as I hit Submit on this reply.