A way to search for links?

I’m using DTP to keep track of my genealogy research. There are times when I download information from a website that gives data about several persons. I create a link to that one document for each person.

I would like to be able to check the links from time to time to make sure that I have only one for each person and conversely that each person does indeed have a link. Is there a way to do that?

Since 21 people viewed this message but no one replied, I am assuming that means there is no way to accomplish this.

Could it be something to consider for a future version?

I was hoping someone would respond more optimistically before now, but anyway …

I don’t think it’s currently possible to do the type of link checking you’d like. I’ve previously suggested it would be useful to query which documents are being linked to and easily locate those containing links. Without that capability I’ve been reluctant to use links very much because it’s easy to lose track of where they are and possibly create orphaned links by deleting documents they refer to.

Maybe it’s unrealistic for DEVONthink to provide that kind of link tracking capability (i.e. determining what’s linked to what) but being able to view any relationships between items that exist in databases can be meaningful.

Wayne, I’m afraid sjk is right.

I do use links a lot. When I’m working with rich text documents, I add a “back” link so I know what document had a link to what document.

I cannot directly add a “link back” link when I’ve linked to a PDF or HTML, etc. file type. So I try to remember to add a comment in the PDF or whatever Info panel, to remind me from which document I had called it.

+1 for link tracking.

Best Solution:
There would be an indicator to show the number of notes that contain link(s) to a particular note.

Another solution:
Make the link “x-devonthink-item://” searchable. When searching a link, the search result would show all notes containing this link.


you could also use the script for duplicated content.

The purpose is not to find duplicates, it’s to find notes that have been referred in others.

You already can search for x-devonthink-item links.

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I am sorry, I can’t figure out how to create a smart group to search for a link
example: search for x-devonthink-item://BE454E9B-89A1-462A-8619-85CC3FE3103F
thank you

This isn’t possible, only the text of documents is indexed. But selecting the linked item in the main view should show all incoming links in the Document > Links inspector and therefore the same results as such a smart group.