A word on DEVONthink 3…

We are glad to see the great response to our public beta release of DEVONthink 3! It has been a long, hard road and we’re glad to finally let it out into the wild. The “love and support” from so many people is like being cheered on as we run to the last mile in a marathon, sweaty and tired and ready to collapse, but still pushing on. It’s very appreciated. :blush:

DEVONthink 3 brings so many changes, new and powerful features, and is just a lot of fun to explore. The excitement is definitely contagious! Yeah, we get it too!

All that being said, please remember…
Feature requests are fine to post and discuss, but addressing bugs is priority one right now, so finding consistently reproducible bugs and reporting them to us is critical. And please, make sure to try and reproduce the errors and provide steps for us to follow whenever possible. With your help in bug reporting, we can (all) make DT3 a more solid and stable for the general public release.

Also, please make sure to refer to the built-in Help. A lot of effort has been put into it to create a handy reference for everything from basic tasks, descriptions of the interface, and deeper details in the Appendix. (PS: There’s a Automation chapter with some handy hints as well.)

Thanks for the support and assisting in this process.
~ The DEVONtechnologies Team


Already bought my upgrade and currently just started playing with a test database. So far, so great!

I bet Bill would have been pretty pleased with this release…


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I bet Bill would have been pretty pleased with this release…

I’ve been thinking the same thing for many, many months :cry:

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