Abby OCR not working after Update to 3.5

Hi. I recently updated DT to the latest version, which said that the OCR functionality would be optimized for faster and more efficient document processing. Right now it’s hung up, running on a ton of energy, but producing nothing. All i can do is load a document and it stalls with “loading document” in the activity window, with no progress. I’ve redownloaded the Abby software, and I still face the same issue. Can someone help me out?

Never mind. Now it is finally working… after several hours of trying to get it running. What a coincidence. Thx

Let us know of the issue recurs.

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Having the same problem with OCR under 3.5, any solid steps to your success?

I had the same issue, and then for me as well, things improved after several hours. Odd.

Thanks for the info. It’s strange indeed and not squaring with the particular things we’re looking at… which adds to the mystery :thinking:

I had a perhaps related issue in that I was OCRing about 25-30 PDFs (previously scanned without OCR) of 2 or 3 pages each. On about the 3rd to last document I noticed that the process had slowed dramatically, taking probably five minutes or more per document…all steps in DT’s activity window were very slow. Activity monitor did not indicate excess memory pressure or CPU usage, DT was not shown as non-responsive, and all documents eventually were processed successfully without intervention.
DT Pro 3.5, OS 10.14.6.