ABBYY Fine Reader usage now

I just got a SnapScan and am happily scanning documents. I realize DP2 with OCR will be implemented (again) relatively soon. But the new OCR will be by ABBYY. And with my SnapScan I got ABBYY Fine Reader.

Will the DT Pro implementation of Fine Reader really result in noticeably smaller files than using Fine Reader all on its lonesome? If not, then it’s more sane for me to start the OCR process using Fine Reader, then later switch to DT Pro when OCR has been re-enabled. On the other hand, if something in the new DTP will result in much smaller files relative to what Fine Reader will do on it’s own, then it’s smarter for me to wait.

Put differently, if the difference is between a file 500k and 450k in size, then I don’t care about that. If the difference is between a size of 500k and 200k then that’s a different matter—over many different files that will result in a substantial decrease in overall database size.

The ABBYY FineReader engine embedded into DEVONthink Pro Office should produce about the same size of files than the stand-alone application from ABBYY (depending, of course, on the versions of each and the improvements that they made).

Eric: Thanks for the quick reply. That helps a lot. I’ll start OCRing with ABBYY Fine Reader until it’s fully integrated into DTP Office (hopefully soon!).