ABBYY FineReader Update?

I am using DTPO 2.8.1
In the “about” Menu it shows that you are using ABBYY FineReader 8.x
ABBYY FineReader is according to its homepage already out with its Version 12.x
When I call their tech support they tell me to ask you guys for an update…
Why is it of my concern at all? When I use the DTPO an its “Convert to readable PDF” feature it creates huge files… So, it would be great if I could re-convert all of my PDFs in DTPO and i could save a great deal of space on my hard drive. Just to let you know, currently my DTPO database exceeds 300GB (that’s Giga, not Mega). So, it’s not just a pure luxury to go for a slimmer converter engine it’s more like a necessity by now :wink:

thanks a lot for your support

A future release will use the latest Abbyy engine (currently V11.x) as the version numbers of the FineReader application and the SDK for third-party developers are not identical usually.

Sorry to bug you with this again, but could you be more specific about this future release and its time frame.

It’s not that I’m a version nerd, but there are some things, that your customers are worried about and some not yet mentioned to consider:

  • files size after OCR: with the current SDK engine version 8 dating back to 2007 and the current version being 11, released in late 2013 - a year ago - we all hope for reduced file sizes with the new engine. The ScanSnap scanner , e.g., currently comes with a FineReader component (be it a customized Stand Alone rather than the SDK engine) dated 2012. It delivers smaller file size footprints, so our expectations may be fulfilled with SDK engine v11

  • accuracy of the position of recognized text: currently I am using the FineReader that comes with my ScanSnap as for me the recognized text is more closely overlayed at the correct image position. With DT’s FineReader engine it is hard to mark exact text-patterns in a pdf after OCR to paste it in a document or metadata dialog. By looking at mouse-marked text, one can not tell wether the whole string has been marked or the beginning or end character may be missing

  • End of support for FineReader v8: FineReader engine has reached end of support by December 2013…

  • Multi-core support: this one has also been asked on this forum (as far as I remember): this promises a welcome speed improvement

  • all the other improvement from v9 and v10 and the new ones in v11 (

Kind regards

Sorry to bug you with this again, but IMHO your customers are interested in a bit more specific time frame.

Why? Well, you can find some threads about the produced file sizes. As well as the time the OCR process takes.

These as well as other points are addressed by the new Abby Engine release:

BTW: version 8 of the engine is out of support.

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I’m sorry but we don’t announce release dates or time frames, see … iples.html. However, it’s already in the works but definitely won’t be available this year.


That’s good news :slight_smile:

Well, even with the restriction :wink:

So, what’s going on?

Definitely not this year, meaning not in 2014 - as you said - has long been gone. 2015 passed by, now it’s 2016.

A related query that perhaps another user can answer.

I purchased Abbyy Finereader before DTP. Therefore, I only bought the Pro version of Devonthink, not the Pro Office. Based on this thread, I probably made the right decision. :slight_smile:

However, I miss the convenience of being able to OCR documents from within DTP. Does anyone know a way to, for example, drag and drop a document onto an AbbyyF alias, and have it OCR the document in place inside DTP? Or, is the file structure of DTP such that this is impossible - the document must be copied out of DTP, put through OCR, and then re-imported (along with all the meta tags needing to be recreated).

thanks for suggestions. I also have Adobe Acrobat latest version.

Based on your second paragraph, maybe not.

That’s a tradeoff of using the external engine. Also, why not do the OCR BEFORE it’s in DTP instead of copying out, doing OCR, then copying back in?

This script allows you to ocr documents with Abbyy Finereader 12 from within DT.

[url]ABBYY Finereader Pro v12]

And there’s an option that’s not built in… :smiley:

Lovely, thanks.
BTW, Response times on this forum are amazing. Several replies in the space of a few hours. What a group!