ABBYY Software

Hello, I dont see this software on my computer (ABBYY)… I recently migrated to a new computer and this could be why. BUT, I doesnt look like I can even install it! In the install add-ons screen, that, along with the mail plug in show as already installed. Is there a way to reinstall??


DEVONthink Pro Office installs only its own Abbyy engine but this is not a stand-alone application.

OK, I recall on the previous machine that I saw the ABBYY in the applications folder… Anyway, how can I check that I have it??


This app (FineReader?) isn’t part of DEVONthink Pro Office.

You can check that DEVONthink Pro Office’s Abbyy engine is installed via DEVONthink Pro Office > Install Add-Ons.