Ability to choose markdown rendering CSS from Info pane


I know its too late in the beta to make new requests…but here’s something to think about for a future release, that should be pretty easy to implement:

I currently use another program called Notebooks which is rather like DevonThink Lite. Most of the same basic functionality, minus some of the higher-end stuff (but in exchange, a far more functional iOS client, and an interesting task-extraction system).

One of the reasons I use it over DT most of the time is I tend to write in Markdown, and I write different kinds of documents. Sometimes I’m writing a policy, and sometimes I’m writing a “how to solve this with code”, or maybe a journal entry. Those things require different markdown rendering styles.

Notebooks lets me choose the CSS for each note individually from its Info panel, and I can change them on the fly with the new rendering reflected immediately. So now I’ve developed multiple different CSS files for my different document types, and setting them is super easy. I don’t have to edit each file individually and paste in links to CSS if I want to change how the document renders.

DT3 made some decent progress in how it handles markdown - maybe not enough for it to become my primary driver yet - but this would be very welcome addition for those of us who are particular about how each document type looks.

A totally different way to go would be to optionally have markdown rendered by an external engine, like if there was a way to have Marked 2 handle the md rendering within DT. (I realize I can double-click a file to open it externally).

Thanks for your consideration!


Why don’t you just create templates for each of those types of documents you commonly create?

Indeed, I have done that.

My issue is that I sometimes want to change the style, or the document evolves in a way that makes another style more appropriate, or I want to drag in a md document from somewhere else without having to go get my links and paste them in. Sometimes I want to open the file in another piece of software that doesn’t like the DT links at the top.

In those cases, being able to set the style as a property of the file instead of hard coded links inside the text of the file, is simply a better solution.

In actual operation, it just seems a more natural fit. The style is an adjective of the file, like a tag or comment. It should not need to be embedded, just as those things are not.

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+1 Ability to use custom css for MultiMarkdown would be great

You can set a Markdown style sheet in Preferences > Media > Style Sheet

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Thanks! That works!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Any chance that in addition to this universal change, there will be the ability to set stylesheets in the Information pane (in the future)?

A chance? Perhaps, but no plans at this time.