Ability to link to documents from other apps

I really love storing and organizing my data in DEVONthink; but I use a variety of other applications for writing, mind mapping, etc. What I miss is the ability to link to a particular DEVONthink article from outside of DT, so that I could, for example, tie in from a mind map to an entry within my references database.


That’s going to require talking to developers of other applications, methinks.

ponders a DEVON://Database_Name/Path/Document_Name protocol

It might be even worse than that - documents within the database can move from folder to folder without breaking internal links, so there has to be a unique identifier for a document - not a path. It looks something like DEVONwiki_832, and there is no easy way of determining it (it doesn’t show up in Get Info either). Maybe this is planned for a future release?

It is worse than that, actually. You can have two documents with precisely the same name in the same directory. Documents do have a unique identifier, but that gets broken with every “Backup & Optimize” you do.

I dunno what it’d be good for. I can’t think of a single thing other than being able to link to documents from outside the database, and I personally don’t need that (although I can understand why many would).

Linking from other applications to DEVONthink’s documents will be possible in the future (as the persistent linking IDs and the temporary scripting IDs are not identical :slight_smile:)