Ability to open files in selected programs

I would like to see a preference in the tools>get info pane of DT that allows me to select which program I want to open the file (or all file types) similar to what you see in the get info pane in Finder. This would allow great user control over what program DT or an external program we want to handle a specific file…or all similar file types.
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DEVONthink is simply using the applications specified via the Finder, therefore you only have to set this up once in the Finder.

I must not be understanding the process or your description then. I have .doc files and .pdf files for example in my DTOP databases. When I right click, and then click on the “open with” contextual item…Microsoft Word and Skim respectively are set to open these files by default (as set in Finder), yet when I double click on them, they open in DT’s internal viewer.

Double-clicking isn’t the same as opening files externally, you have to use toolbar/menu items or the shortcut (Cmd-Shift-O).

As an additional note on this, the toolbar/menu command and Cmd-Shift-O does not behave the same if the assigned app for some files has been changed on a file by file basis. If RTF files are set by the Finder to open with TextEdit, and a specific file (for this example let’s say it is Test.rtf) is set to open with, say WriteRoom, the DT toolbar/menu says ‘Open With>TextEdit (default)’ and that is what Test.rtf will be opened with using the menu. However, using the shortcut ‘Cmd-Shift-O’ will open Test.rtf in WriteRoom.

Which is the point of my request.

I think double clicking a file in DT SHOULD open the file in it’s Finder assigned application. I set these preferences for each file in Finder because I’ve decided that is the application I want to use to handle these specific files. I find the 3 pane viewer in DT extremely versatile and user friendly when I’m viewing and sorting many file types…I even use it regularly for editing RTF files.

I prefer to open my files externally with the applications I specify, and am frustrated each time I have to use the contextual menu or select the file and then mouse up to a button to open my file. This seems entirely un-Mac like to me. I would like the preference that double clicking a file will open it in the application I’ve assigned in Finder…not the program DT decides I should view it in.

This may seem trivial to some/many…but I open a lot of files in DT daily and am frustrated every time the UI doesn’t work in a manner I can choose. DT is so user friendly and configurable…that this particular function seems unlike the DT programmers.

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