Ability to Pre-Set Sort Order on Smart Groups

I hope to have a way to be able to pre-define the sort order in the return views that we get for Smart Groups.


The ability to create different, highly-complex smart searches will be significantly enhanced by overcoming the fact that the sort order on the displayed results has to be adjusted manually each time after the fact. This limitation adds significant friction to processing through extensive data sets for visual clues to different markers such as relative location, label type, name, or creation/modification date, especially when the post-sort criteria has is to be on fields that are normally hidden in the main display window.

EDIT: I now see the popup on the upper right to make the post-sort process less hassle than I originally thought. The request for a built-in option to pre-set the sort order still stands.


No promises but the request is noted.


I realized later that this new feature may also play some havoc. Consider the case where a user sets the Smart Group to search on label. He clicks on the group, reviews the list, and changes the search to kind. He clicks off the group to some other folder or group. When he returns to the Smart Group, which sort criteria do you honor, label (as set in the Smart Group criteria) or kind (as set by the most recent sort when the group was last viewed)? The current approach does the latter (and this is appreciated).

I might suggest a popup option in the sort setting would be “default” to keep the current behavior. Otherwise, go by what is in the sort by setting popup not the last used sort setting.

Thanks again.


You’re welcome and thanks for the diligent consideration of how this behavior could affect not only yourself, but others. :slight_smile: