Ability to Read Emails on Mobile Site

I really like the mobile site incorporated into the self-hosted server. Looks great on my iPhone and gives me access to my whole office on the go!

However, it would be great if it would allow me to view e-mails (.eml files)!

Bonus would be the ability to use the classification feature from the mobile site so I can organize my email while I sit in court! :smiley:


Yes, .eml on the server site works great for me too; I’m referring specifically to the mobile site (visit your server website on an iphone in Safari and you’ll see what I’m talking about).

Currently .eml documents are not supported in the mobile version of DEVONthink web sharing app. They are supported when using the web sharing from a pc or mac.

Thank you for confirming.

Out of curiosity, was there a particular concern with rendering .eml? HTML appears to display without any issue.

To all concerned forum browsers, as of the latest update viewing eml from the mobile interface now works! Thank you DT! :smiley: