Ability to set database wide preference for view

I prefer the vertical split view for most of my folders. DT usually defaults to List view the first time a folder is opened. Once changed, it remembers the last view you used for that folder, which is good. What I would like is the ability to set a database-wide preference to the default view that is used the first time a folder is opened. With a constantly changing set of folders I find myself always having to go and select the vertical split view. After the first opening DT would behave as currently does and remember the last view used.

I second that request.


I third, fourth and fifth it!!

I would also like to have this global preference for the default view. thanks.

Even more, I would like an option to save views. It is nice to be able to customize views in terms of pane configuration and columns, but I have not found a way to save and retrieve the modified views. Sometthing I have overlooked?

In an earlier post I made a few related observations about settings for windows/views/columns when opening groups. A preference specifying the default view when a group is first opened seems just one part of a solution for predictably determining the state that group windows will open in, which comes to mind as I try to understand Tellef’s request.

With the release of DT Pro and yet one more view option to manage, I reiterate my request again. This time I’ll add: “Please.” :wink: