ability to set default "open with" and default bro

I know that DTpro uses the default PDF reader, and the default browser, of the OS. But when working outside of DT, I generally want to open up my PDF in Preview; when working in DT, i want to open up my PDF in a PDF editing program like PDFpen or Acrobat. Ditto with various preferences for the browser.

Is there any way to set one’s default from within DTpro for other external programs?


No. But you may still be able to accomplish what you want.

So long as you have either copied PDFs into the Files folder in your database package, or Index-imported them (leaving the files externally linked), you can – in DT Pro 1.1 or later – open, edit and save them and then see the edit change next time the PDF+Text document is opened in DT Pro.

If you select a PDF document, press the Actions button and choose Launch Path, the PDF file will be opened up in its parent application designated in the Finder. In my case, that’s Preview. In Preview I can add a text annotation or a markup and save the file. The text annotation is then searchable in DT Pro (under Tiger).

Or you can press the Actions button, choose Open With and select Acrobat Pro to open, edit and save the file.