Ability to view a pdf or other document while editing a note


We all know you are hard at work on a new version of DTTG. Hopefully in the mix is the ability to view and markup a pdf. It would be greatly appreciated if one could simultaneously work in a rich text note.

That way, one could move back and forth between the documents with relevant information and keep the active note open for typing, etc.

Thanks kindly,

Yes, annotating PDF is part DEVONthink To Go 2. Due to the way the iOS user interface is structured simultaneously viewing/editing two documents won’t be possible, though.

Multiple panels are possible in iOS. See, for example, Side By Side +. This supports files in one panel and note taking in an adjacent panel.

Of course this is possible, korm, but basically having multiple documents in “windows”, which would be the logical way on the Mac, is not envisioned by Apple here. Side By Side is optimized for just this. However, we could think about something for version 2.x that allows e.g. somehow displaying at least two documents next to each other.

I think that would be a gold star feature. 8)

Apologies for jumping in here - but seeing that Annotating PDF’s is being considered - PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE could you ensure that we are able to select the particular colours of the highlighting?

In my DTP db, each particular highlight colour is associated with a particular concept [“vital; to be confirmed; reason for annotation; to quote” etc.] - currently, I am able to do the same in Goodreader on my iPad - having set up the same colours.

This means I can annotate on my iPad through DTTG via Goodreader, and upon importing|synching back to DTP, all is as it should be - with no additional colours having been used, that need to be changed again.

I realise everyone works differently | and not all requests can be added - but as mentioned, it would make a world of difference to me, if we are able to select highlight colours from the palette, as opposed to only having the stock 5/6/7 usual colours available!

[Knowing what I know now - I wish I had selected the ‘generic’ colours when I first began - would have given me so much less issues! As it stands, more than a year of annotating, and it’s fair to say that any changes now, would probably drive me over the edge! :laughing: ]