About building the database on an external disk

Hi!Dear developer, I am a newcomer and just bought the server version. I have read the forum posts before. It is very helpful for me to use DEVONthink. Thank you! Currently I’m using DEVONthink to organize my files, and I find that the data is a bit large, and my Mac space is a bit laborious. I want to rearrange and build my database on an external disk. Does it have a great impact on data reading and transmission? Of course, I also don’t want the database to be damaged. This is the most important. Thank you!
PS: I have purchased Arqbackup for database backup!

Welcome @Ting
Putting your databases on a connected external drive is certainly acceptable, especially when space is at a premium.
However, we don’t advocate putting them on a network attached storage (NAS), just an external disk.

Also, you will want to make sure your backups - local and online - are backing up the external disk too. This may not be the case, so be sure the disk is included.

Of course, I used a 2T external disk to connect to my iMac, and then used DEVONthink to create a database on the external disk, and then used Arqbackup to select this external disk for backup; I also performed a second destination backup, and used Arqbackup to back up to my Dropbox , This is my usage and backup plan, believe it is correct?

Sounds reasonable to me. :slight_smile:

Great! As a newcomer, I need such help, and look forward to our next communication!

You’re welcome - and don’t forget the built-in Help or manual. they’re great resources too!

Hi! Excuse me again, the solution I said above is that an external removable hard disk is reasonable and feasible. Is it reasonable to replace the external removable hard disk with a RAID? Or do you recommend this?

Trying to set the same set up. Will you sync it to iCloud and other devices as well? or this is just for Mac (No sync)?

Thanks in advanced.

No, I don’t use iCloud sync or backup. Because my Mac space is too small and there is too much data, I want to create the database file on an external disk device, so that I can add data to the database without fear, and use Arqbackup to back up the database to an external disk. I can also back up to Network disks, such as Dropbox, these two types of backups can be completed with Arqbackup. Of course, you can also add a time machine. These backups are insurance for the database. It is worth thinking about which external disk will not destroy the data structure. The simplest is a mobile hard disk, but I want to use RAID a bit, I don’t know if it can, this seems like NAS.

We are kinda the same page.

I dont like having a lot of data on my Mac.

I have always wanted to have an external hard drive for Data basses that don’t use on a daily basis if I need it within 6 months then it can stay on my MAc( DT). Databases(files) that I wont be using for more than 6 months are moved to an external HardDrive and back it up with Arq.

And of course if I need it at some point I just plug it in and look for a file.

I also do n’t want to have a lot of data on the Mac (actually, the hard disk is too small), so I want to connect two external hard disks, one is data, I usually read, write and edit on the Mac, and the other is to back up the data hard disk data mentioned above to For this piece, use Arqbackup.

Hi!Am I doing the above correctly? I just use the Mac as a tool or a transfer station for 2 external hard disks. DEVONthink reads the data from the external hard disk. Arqbackup talks about backing up the DEVONthink data from the external hard disk to another external hard disk. Forgive me for saving and transferring data and backing up Ignorance, thank you!

No worries!
And yes, that sounds acceptable. Arq is often used for online backups, but it’s certainly capable of backups to local drives as well, so I see nothing wrong with your setup.


Sorry for adding to an old thread - but why would it not be good to move my database to my Synology NAS? This is the external system that I use for video editing (always connected to iMac).
Thanks for any guidance.

Welcome @robboyd

Are you connected to the NAS via Ethernet? If you’re on a hard-wired gigabit connection, it may be less of an issue but on WiFi, it is definitely a questionable situation.

Also, having a local resource is always going to be the better option in terms of performance and portability.

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Thank you @BLUEFROG. I have learned much from you on these forums. Yes, I am connected via 10G ethernet to the synology and I have it backed up with backblaze. I agree with locality, but it keeps growing so fast. Doubled with the sync copy as well. Hope I am doing these things right.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Do note: You want to make sure the location on the NAS where you have the database and where you have the sync store are not being backed up by some “continuous backup” process. Whatever you’re using for backing up the NAS, make sure it does a snapshot-style backup just be be safe with the data.

Hi @BLUEFROG can I ask is Arq 7 sufficient enough for backup or do I have to purchase a premium version?

Isn’t this a decision only you can evaluate and answer?