about fields for object (iknow and manage)

I was asking about a request to have fields inside object some times ago here in forum, and I made an example talking about a old windows program called x-world.

Well, I found a nice mac program that could be a more pratical example to understand what I’d like to see in dtp 2,0, the program is called iknow & manage.

As in DT, I&M is build on object, but every object can have fields (like DT sheets, but inside the object). Text or images are fields like numbers or currency.

I&M have not scanning or pdf power, it lacks of query option and it uses template instead models, but it is a good example of what I’d like to see in DT.

The scenario (for example) is to build a object model called ‘document’, build for contain the scanning of a document, the name of the author, title, year of pubblication, origin, et ceterae, and after, use the model to catalogate different documents and have the power to build smart groups for author, or year, or origin, et ceterae. For example have a smart group with all documents ordered for year, or author or, another scenario I’d like to put the reviews of a book inside the ‘object’ book, and after could make a query/smart folder, like ‘show me object review inside object book published in 1972’.

I hope this time my message is more understandable than before.


Thank you for the suggestion. But an automatic and/or a user-defined meta data handling should be sufficient for your scenario - I don’t think the confusing approach of iKnow & Manage is necessary to achieve this.

Thanks for the answer. I’d like to understand what meta data is: I see other program that gives power to add column to all the objects (I think Mori have something like this), but It seems to me useless if you have different kind of objects in your database.
Actually the only metadata I see in DT is the ‘comment’ window, and I read somebody is using the comment window for tags. Are you talking about tags or the the power to customize the ‘information’ window with more and different fields?


Tags/Keywords are one kind of meta data. Additional examples are for example the information of MP3 files (see iTunes), properties of RTF documents (see TextEdit’s File menu) or the information of images or PDF documents (see Preview’s info panel).

I see. But actually DT have only the ‘comment’ field as metadata.

That’s not yet supported but will be. And then this should be sufficient.