? about "See Also" in DTP 2.0

I am reorganizing my databases and would like to know, if possible, if the “See Also” feature will work across open databases in v 2? We know that the Search functionality will, but will “See Also” as well. Knowing this now will influence how I structure my set of databases.

Also, somewhat related, is there a way to link between documents in different databases, either now or in 2.0?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Maybe some day as an option but not in v2.0 and never by default (as a good set of databases doesn’t intersect)

V2 will support this (and other applications can link to documents inside the databases too).

Will it also be possible to replicate documents between databases, so that changes to a replicant are reflected in the original even if the original is held in a different database?

Many thanks.

No. The only workaround is to add an external document via indexing/synchronizing to both databases.

Christian, Thanks for the info, that is helpful.