about to import my DT database to new MBP (Leopard)..any adv

Hi there,
I see that there are some hiccups re devonTHINK and Leopard (Mac OS 10.5.2), so I thought I’d check to see if anyone would kindly advise me re the best way to go about moving DT from my powerbook (running Tiger) to my MacBook Pro, running Leopard.
P.S. Does anyone know when v. 2 of DT is supposed to arrive?

You capitalization of DEVONthink is perfectly backward :slight_smile:

As to “importing” it… just move the file. It’s trivial. Unless you use large numbers of indexed files.

thanks for your reply, CatOne. I had to chuckle about my devonTHINK/DEVONthink mix-up… What can I say… I’m a Mac-user, so I THINK different.