Absolute dates in the item list?

I would like never to see relative dates (“today,” “yesterday”) in the item list — only nice, consistent yyyy-mm-dd ISO-8601-style dates [obligatory XKCD link].

I don’t see where to change this as a preference — is it a hidden preference?

Mercifully, DT is otherwise picking up my macOS setting for yyyy-mm-dd instead of assuming I want to use the ridiculous U.S. mm/dd/yy or the only slightly less ridiculous dd/mm/yy. But though the Finder honors my non-relative-date wishes:

DEVONthink does not:

Is there any way to fix this?

No, there is no setting to avoid relative date strings.

PS: mm/dd/yy(yy) isn’t so ridiculous when you’ve used it for your whole life.


Thanks for the reply, @BLUEFROG! What’s the best way to submit a feature request?

(As for ridiculous, I stand by it; I’ve lived almost my whole life in the U.S. and was born in the U.S. — so I have indeed been forced to use it aplenty; but I “invented” yyyy-mm-dd as a young programmer in the ’80s and have never looked back. “Invented” in quotes, of course, because it already had been invented; still, it was a good year or two before ISO-8601 was published. Thanks, though, for putting up with my curmudgeonliness.)

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No worries.
And while I can make no promises, the request is noted.

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The next release will include a hidden preference to disable relative dates.

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Fantastic! Thank you! :star_struck: :heart: :tada: