Absolutely Preventing Deleting Indexed Files on Disk

I just want to confirm DevonTHINK Pro behavior in regard to deleting indexed files on disk. I want to set the preferences such that an indexed file is NEVER deleted from DevonTHINK Pro.

This is the dialog that comes up when you choose “Empty Trash” with indexed file records in the trash:


  1. The default is to NOT delete files on desk. Yes or No?
  2. Checking “Do not show this dialog again” locks in the default of (1) above. Yes or No?

I’ve been using some version of DevonTHINK for a decade now and I still have to mull over this dialog every time. Probably just me, but the consequences being what they are, I really want to get an explicit answer before I lock the choice in.

That’s right.

Thanks, I don’t know why I’ve always had problems with that dialog. It hasn’t changed in a decade. Some kind of brain lock I guess.