Access a DT file from the "Choose file" menu of another app


I am using Zot2bib plugin for Firefox and want to choose a bib file from my DT database to add to its menu. The regular “Choose file” menu opens but not surprisingly I cannot access the file since “Show Package Contents” option is not available unlike the case where I am using Finder directly.

I guess the question would be equivalent if I had just said "How do I access a file in my DT database using the ‘Open File’ menu of a third party application ? "

Any help is appreciated.



The software “Default Folder” might support this but referencing files inside the database package isn’t recommended as paths/filenames might change.

Another possibility is to reveal the file in the Finder and to drag & drop it on the Open dialog of Firefox.

Thanks for the respond.

So can the paths of files change due to some optimization calculations by DT even if I don’t change anything about that file or its group(s) but change other things ?

I am asking this because I am referencing to many files in my Latex files, such as figures and other Latex files. If referencing to files inside the database package isn’t recommended what would be the best way to deal with this sort of a problem then ? I mean this should not be a very rare occasion.



As long as you don’t rename a file and as long as its extension is the same (e.g. no conversion from RTF to RTFD or vice versa), the path will usually remain the same.

A more solid approach is to use references created by the command Edit > Copy Item Link.

Sure, but you cannot use the Item Link to call figures or files from within a Latex code or an R code, you need the actual file system link.