Access Log?

Are there any plans for introducing an ‘access’/viewing log for files? I don’t really have any specific use for this, but would be a pretty interesting feature.

Just found the ‘History’ feature for DEVONthink today, and thought that this could also be applied to 'acces’s as well.

Obviously, for those who don’t want such a feature, this can be turned off (The flexibility of DEVONthink as a utility reigns supreme) but I thought it would be pretty cool.

Thanks for the suggestion but right now there are no such plans.

Do you mean a log of the last time files were viewed? I’m not sure what you mean.

It’ll work in a similar way with the History log: every time the user ‘views’ the file (pressing up/down to move from one file to another in the database), it is logged in the access log.

Yes, that would be a useful feature (e.g. to see which objects were opened by employees)!

Or it could lead to a lot of confusing data since any view with a Preview will display any file’s contents that can be viewed with QuickLook, therefore adding an access timestamp to the log. Being fat-fingered or inaccurate in your mouse selections, etc. could lead to untrustworthy results.